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Trapezoidal/parallel contacts support in inox steel


Detail of the Contact Head, by steel cover.

Steel support for two axle counting strips with steel screws

Support detail, the two axle counting strips and the
hole for the fixing of both.

Fixing joint. Built in inox steel, the distances
between the screws can be adapted
depending on the client needs.

Axle counting strips fixing,by steel joint.

( Measures subject to variations )

Axle-count support lodging
Lodging support for 2 axle-counting strips with
central fixing hole
The hole for the positioning and implantation of the bolt is wide enough to use a spanner and in the lower part a system takes care of the screw without making it brake or loose

Sensor Head Protection Cover - optional Support fixer

Instructions for the assembly and positioning on track of the aluminum axles-count supports

- Place the fixing screws in the aluminium support holes, as shown in the figure, manually joining
  with a slight pression the screws plastic cover in the relative support place.

- After this operation, the support is ready to be fixed with con concrete to the track.

- While the concrete is drying up, the screws are fixed, while the support, made in aluminium,
  creates its lodging and remains free.

- Once the concrete is dry, take the plastic covers off the screws and place the bolts.

- The extracted covers can be reused the protect the screws from dirt.

- At this point, the axle-count support is completely fixed to the round and ready for use.

- Sometimes, for need or maintenance of the control box, is possible to substitute the support by
  simply removing the cover and loosening the bolts.